Our donors and supporters

We don’t take our friends for granted. Individuals, groups and businesses who have offered support in various forms include:

Amazon Web Services

Anita Nonneman

Atlantis Foods

Ben Rabinowitz

Berdine Neethling

Cape Cup SA

Cape Town Central Improvement District

Cape Town Magistrates’ Court

City of Cape Town

Comair Flight Services

CPUT, Food and Nutrition Science students

Cybersmart SA

Debra Lucock

Duncan and Elizabeth Parker

Engen Garage, Roeland Street

Ezra October, SAPS

Famous Brands

FLASH Business Cellular Team

FoodForward SA

Food Lovers’ Market, Roeland Street

Gill Lanham

Herzlia Highlands Primary School

Highveld Mushrooms

I and J (Pty) Ltd

Jane Solomon

Janet Manca

Jenny Morris

Jo Maxwell

Karin Schimke

Katy Hayes

Leonard Smith

Lester Malgas

Lichen & Leaf

Mapula Trust

Marie Slundt

Martina Bertram

Medallion Mushrooms

Megan Andrews

Mia and Eric Hartford

Moenieba Abrahams

Mostly Mindful

Natalie Spires

Nikki Zigras

Oranjezicht City Farm

Pick ‘n Pay Pinelands

PJ Back

Rachel Stocker

Radio Tygerberg 104fm

Rebecca von Rehn Photography

Residents of Pinewood Village, Pinelands

Rose Richards

SACS Junior School

Salvin Hirschfield

Sandi Baker

Shahied Allies

Shanien Rich

Sir Fruit

Stephan Pretorius


U-Turn Homeless Ministries

Watchtower Group

Woolworths, Adderley Street